Challenge 2D

This is the result of a challenge proposed by Big Viking Games, they provided me the graphics and the development depended on me. It took me 10 days to develop it from scratch.

The terrain is generated procedurally, it has some zones with different set of tiles, each zone has a basic tile that appears around the 90% of times and the other 10% comes from decoration tiles of each zone. Apart from the zones, decoratives tiles can appear in all zones, and then there are the obstacles that provides cover against the enemy projectiles. There are 3 types of enemies, with their own Artificial Intelligence, stats and bullets.

I have made 2 builds this time, one for the web and the other playable on Android. Here is the Android version: Challenge2D.apk

And here is the web version, if the terrain is not loaded in all the screen width, try to refresh the page. Click on the image below.