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Dream Hills – PostFX

The term Post Process is used in the video/film business for image quality improvement. Also, post-processing is commonly used in 3D rendering, especially for video games. Instead of rendering 3D objects directly to the display, the scene is first rendered to a buffer. Pixel Shaders and optionally Vertex Shaders are then used to apply post-processing filters to the image buffer before displaying it to the screen. Some PostFX also require multiple-passes, gamma inputs, vertex manipulation and depth buffer access.

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Dream Hills – Particle System

A Particle System is a technique used in Game Physics, Motion Graphics and Computer Graphics to simulate phenomena very hard to reproduce with conventional rendering techniques.
On Dream Hills we have lots of this kind of phenomena and effects like fountains, water splashes, waterfalls, explosions, smoke, dust, electric sparks and more, so we decide to implement our own Particle System and was my responsibility to do it.

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Dream Hills

On October 2015 I started a Master’s Degree in Creation of Video Games at Barcelona School of Management – Universitat Pompeu Fabra. During the first months, along the artists of the Master, we learned everything about Game Design and Game Production. On January we created a group of 3 artists and 5 programmers and started to design our game, also the artists started learning 3D modeling, texturing, animation, UI design and art direction, by the other side, the programmers learned graphics programming, physics, artificial intelligence and audio programming. But let’s talk about the game…

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Game Engine

This graphics engine is the biggest project I’ve developed on graphical programming. Further on, I will try to explain more extensively the structure used for development, the use of each part of the structure and why I chose that structure and not another.

For now, here’s a video demonstration.

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